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Our crystal clear antgel is specially formulated to nourish your ants as they construct an elaborate path of tunnels. It allows you to observe every detail of their life. You can refill a previous gel ant farm, or create your own. For a fraction of the cost of a new farm, you can enjoy an existing ant farm over and over again.

We hope you enjoy antgel as much as we do.

Please note that we are on vacation until November 6, 2016. Orders placed between now and then will not be filled until we resume operations. If you'd still like to place an order, please click the link below. We will apply a 20% discount to all non-bulk orders placed during this time to compensate for the delay. Refund will be processed on our end and refunded to your paypal.

Yes, please give me the 20% discount!

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for considering our products!