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Q: Where can I find ants?
There are two options here. You can either get an adult to help you collect some ants from somewhere nearby, or you can order them online. If collecting ants yourself, be careful! Ant stings can be painful. If you'd rather order online, try this website. http://www.antsalive.com/antssupplies.htm

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?
We currently ship via USPS mail, and charge $2.99 for standard shipping or $4.99 for priority. This is a flat fee, regardless of how much gel you order.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
We can ship internationally, but additional charges will apply. Email sales@antgel.com for a shipping quote.

Q: Do you accept other forms of payment?
We can work out special arrangements. Email us at sales@antgel.com to discuss your specific situation.

Q: Why aren't my ants digging?
You need to make several starter holes in the gel so that the ants know that they can dig. A toothpick is a great tool for making the holes. Carve out several small chunks of gel to get your ants started.

Q: Is antgel.com ant gel toxic?
Our ant gel is scientifically formulated for ants, not people! Don't let humans or pets eat the ant gel, but if any gel is accidentally eaten, it is not toxic. Our ant gel is made with food grade materials, and should be safe if accidentally consumed.

Q: Will your gel work with my brand name ant farm?
Yes, our gel will work with all of the current gel based ant farms on the market. This includes Uncle Milton* brand farms, the Ant Works* brand farm, and The Antquarium*. In addition, you can use our gel to create your own custom farm! We've even built ant farms in glass peanut butter jars.

Q: I wanted to make a large ant farm. Do you do bulk orders?
Yes, we can accomodate bulk orders. Please email sales@antgel.com to discuss your specific ideas with us and to get a custom price quote.

* names are trademarks of their respective companies